Mobil 1™ Performance Record

Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic engine oil engineered to perform and protect under the most demanding conditions on the planet. From blazing desert heat and sub-zero Arctic blasts to the demands of the racetrack, the world’s most daring and experienced drivers trust Mobil 1 to consistently deliver – kilometre after kilometre.

Although you may never drive around the world or push your car to the extreme, you can rest assured knowing that Mobil 1 is trusted by some of the world’s most demanding drivers.

Keeps Your Engine Performing Like New

How would a car engine stand up to a million kilometres using Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil? We put Mobil 1 to the test with results demonstrating Mobil 1’s impressive ability to keep your engine performing like new.*

Mobil 1 in Motorsports

Come on in and find out how Mobil 1 is working relentlessly with top motorsports teams to win races as well as develop new cutting-edge engine oils that you can use!

Drive Around Australia

Wonder how it is like to drive a HSV Z Series Maloo R8 (the worlds’ fastest Ute) for 37,000km on all conditions without a single oil change? Enter and discover the impressive endurance of Mobil 1 engine oil.

Million Miles

Step in and discover how Mobil 1 engine oil can protect your engine even after a million miles of continuous hard driving, over a four-year period!

Porsche Transsyberian Rally

The Transsyberian Rally is a true test of a vehicle’s ability to perform in the harshest conditions. Learn how Mobil 1 fully synthetic engine oil provided the Porsche team with longer-lasting performance in the rally.

Expedition West: Arctic Expedition

Find out how Mobil 1 engine oil can maintain its excellent performance even as it goes from one temperature extreme to the other.

Drive Around The World

Find out how Mobil 1 kept the “Drive Around The World” expedition team going for 66,000km through the harshest driving conditions, with only one oil change!

Las Vegas Taxi Field Test

To show how Mobil 1 engine oil can better care for your car’s engine, we invited Las Vegas busiest taxi network to put Mobil 1 Extended Performance Engine oil to the test. In the desert heat!


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